Each entry will be judged on its own merit by a group of highly qualified, out-of-town judges who
are selected by the OBIE Awards Committee for their expertise in building, remodeling, sales and new home marketing.

Only judges and HBA staff will be allowed to observe the judging. Homes must be available for judging from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., July 21,22 & 23.

Personal Achievement Candidates MUST be available for a personal interview on July 21 or 22.

Occupied Homes must have a signed Homeowner Release form to be judged. The form will be provided on the AtlantaHomebuilders.com website. Please email it to Janel Grant jgrant@atlantahba.com

You will be notified by email approximately two weeks prior to judging of when your entry will be
judged. Every effort will be made to judge homes on schedule.Judged entries must receive a score of at least 70 percent to win a gold or silver in any category.

All Building, Interior Merchandising Models, Sales Centers, and Special Categories (other than
Community Service) entries will be judged on site. Remodeling Categories (except for Whole House Renovation) are judged electronically (solely based on the photos you submit)

The OBIE Awards Committee and/or Judges may re-categorize an entry if entered in an
incorrect category (i.e. the final sales price changes as a result of the sale.)

By entering this awards program, you agree to be bound by the policies and procedures of the
OBIE Awards.